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Eco accommodation in Rodrigues

Eco accommodation in Rodrigues

Rodrigues is ideal for the sustainable traveller, with a range of tourist accommodation that are in harmony with the natural surroundings, leaning towards the rustic rather than opulence. The most luxurious hotel you will find in Rodrigues is 4 star rated, but regardless of ratings, you will find most accommodation provides good quality services and amenities while still respecting the environment.

The landscape of Rodrigues is such that you can find accommodation in the heart of nature almost anywhere on the island. Nearly all accommodation on the island would qualify as sustainable, either through energy-saving practices or use of sustainable materials in furnishings or building materials, and you will find locally sourced fresh produce served almost everywhere.

Rodrigues offers the option of coastal accommodation which are secluded and nestled in tropical gardens, as well as inland accommodation sheltered in mountainous regions that still afford views of the ocean. Hotels by the beach offer the opportunity to enjoy the restful and rejuvenating air of being by the sea. Smaller hotels based in coastal villages offer an authentic Rodriguan welcome with the hilly landscape as a backdrop and ocean views, as well as traditional exotic cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. There are also a number of lodges on the island, including eco-lodges situated in the heart of the lush natural environment that provide high quality facilities and a great base from which to enjoy an eco-adventure.