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The Authentic Lifestyle of Rodrigues

The Authentic Lifestyle of Rodrigues

The volcanic island of Rodrigues lies in the Indian Ocean, over 600 km North-East of Mauritius. It officially forms part of the Republic of Mauritius, with the largely Creole populace of some 41,000 considered Mauritian citizens.

The Island is very small at only 100 km2 and despite its low altitude mountains, with the highest peak being only 400 metres above sea level, Rodrigues has a very hilly terrain with undulating roads that traverse steep mountain sides.

The capital, Port Mathurin, is only seven streets wide, but features a lively market with local handicrafts available. Rodrigues is known for its laid-back lifestyle and it is ideal for a relaxing vacation, but there are plenty of vigorous activities available too. Diving is particularly exceptional in Rodrigues, with the spectacular coral reefs and beautiful endemic fish species on display. Hiking, kitesurfing and deep sea fishing are also very popular.